Thursday, 9 June 2016

Where And How Hammer Mill Crushers Are Applied?

Hammer mill is a crushing device equipped with three basic parts - feeder, grinder, and discharger. Feeder is the equipment used to feed material inside the hammer mill crushers. Grinder has a rotor and stator that break the feed material into desired sizes. Discharger is the equipment that discharges the final product.

Hammer mill machine can be used as a primary, secondary or tertiary crusher. If you have a small hammer mill, you can operate it on domestic current. For larger mills, which are used by automobile shredders, user will need diesel or electric motors ranging from 2000 to over 5000 horsepower.

Hammer mill without screen uses air flow to separate small particles from larger ones. The design of the hammer mill is reliable and cheaper. These machines are energy efficient as compared to regular hammer mills.

How It Works?

The feed material is put into the hopper that is connected with the drum. Crusher grinds the material to the desired size and is collected under the screen. The mill performs continuous operation as there is lesser chances of jamming because the hammers are not fixed. You can avail coarse to moderately fine powder. Due to high speed of operation, generated heat may affect themo labile drugs or material. High speed of operation also results in damaged hammer mill if foreign objects like stone or metal is mixed with a feed.

Applications Of Hammer Mills

  • Hammer mill is used for the production of medium grades of power creates almost all kinds of substances except the adhesive materials as they can choke the screen. 
  • You can use hammer mill and reduce material size as per your desire
  • It is versatile and you can use it for dry materials, ointments, wet filter press cakes, and slurries. It can be used for pulverizing and grinding the materials that are primarily used in cosmetic industries  

Hammer mill crushers are simple to operate and install. You can change their speed and screen rapidly during operation. You don't need to be specialist to clean the mill. Still you can call experts and service the machine on time. Regular servicing will make the mill durable and will prevent sudden breakdown of any component or the mechanism. You can find great deals related to hammer mills at Ecoman exporters and suppliers' outlet. They are offering the best hammer mill mechanism to their global clients from different industries.



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