Thursday 5 September 2013

The fundamentals of a Grizzly Feeder

A grizzly feeder is basically an amalgamation of a screener and a feeder which facilitates a smooth and constant flow of heavy and large materials such as rock and stones. Its vibrating movements promote the categorization of small particles and dirt from entering inside the crushing device. Being rugged and simple in construction and made accessible in a plethora of sizes, shapes and specifications, these feeders are ideal for any project where the feeding material and rock are comparatively larger in size than the maximum adequate feed mass for the crusher. It is best complimented with jaw crushers and is capable of handling heavy to very heavy materials.

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Grizzly Feeder’s Areas Of Operation
A grizzly feeder is generally used for mixing mineral, chemical, agricultural products, stone, screen of powder, spices, coal, ceramic refractory, gyrator, sand, poultry and cattle feed, tobacco, salt, Ayurveda and pharmaceutical products. Such feeders are known for blending and mixing solid-solid powders or blending small quantities of liquid with large quantities of powder. 

 How it works?

Grizzly feeders are applied for primary and secondary crushing stations both. These feeders are used for regulating the feeding of cone or jaw crushers that allows the crusher to run smoothly along with enabling high rate of production. The vibrating feeders with the grizzly section aids in controlling the feed pace to the crushers by eliminating the unnecessary materials and thereby bypassing the smaller materials to the crusher to maximize the crushing capacity. The grizzly feeder easily crush medium to large size metals. It possesses a huge vibrating structure that is manufactured from thick metal plates and comprises of inside lining of abrasive and anti-rust plates. This device rests under a hopper that is filled up with few bulk products. These grizzly feeders are driven via an electric motor which is operated by a soft start pace regulator that aids to control the speed of that motor right from a zero to full RPM. When the motor is static the product too remains static upon the feeder channel. This device increases the resilience of every wear-prone crushing element by exploiting the feeder area. Hence, these feeders help to cut down the maintenance of the crusher constituents and ultimately the maintenance cost.  


Globalization has opened ample opportunities for the manufacturers of grizzly feeders and has also augmented the competition level in the market. These days a grizzly feeder manufacturing company cannot survive competition by merely producing quality products but the way in which they market their product is equally significant.


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