Monday 9 September 2013

Grizzly feeder-crusher is a part of the industry which is able to offer effective services in the daily production tasks. This sort of feeder is being designed and manufactured using advanced technology which ensures their usefulness in various industries to be able to deliver their products with haste.

Focus on the equipment

The versatile feeders are known to be self contained systems which enable the transfer of loose as well as bulk materials along any medium in the form of tube, screen or trough. Such feeders have gained their popularity for displaying their high performance, heavy duty and continuous applications. The manufacturing companies exploit these feeders as the best solution for easy processing functionalities. These are ideal for offering scalping, screening and recycling solutions in stand alone operations. 

Significant features of Grizzly feeder-crusher

The equipments are designed to handle quarry operations ahead of primary crushers. They have the capability to withstand the impact of heavy loads and in the process smooth the flow of materials towards the crusher.
  • Compact and robust welded frame construction
  • Low height structure
  • Feeder body is well designed to endure maximum loads
  • Speed adjustment option by VFD
  • Adjustable stroke length option available
  • Actuation is arranged by 4-pole motor along with V-belt drives
  • Conveying deck integrated with grizzly and pan combination with the support of side and back renewable liners
  • Cartridge scalp screens in use to bypass loads to relieve the crusher
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile design
  • Stable and smooth vibrating operation
The benefits of utilizing the equipment:
  • Optimum performance
  • Better feed control
  • Easy maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Highly efficient in terms of better scalping
  • Possesses the ability for long strokes
  • Easily adjustable stroke and speed control
  • Long life
Functional Areas:

The grizzly feeder crusher are machines which are widely being used in industries related to production of building materials, mineral processing, processing of chemicals and silicate used in screening and crushing plants. This type of feeding equipment can be used continuously for crushing machines and are effective in screening the fed materials.


The grizzly type of feeders is now being considered as integral machineries being a part of the industrial development. With such a proven design the equipment compliment the intense impact of loads.

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