Wednesday 7 May 2014

One of the most widely used traditional equipments for crushing is the roller crusher. One can find single and double Toothed Roll Crushers with Ecoman India. The Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers are used for the processing purpose. One can process particles of various kinds of materials with these crushers. In order to get materials crushed the rollers that are cylindrical rotate in the opposite sides. The structure of the equipment has very unusual tooth and this is why they are called the Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers.


Why do people prefer Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers work?

The single and doubletoothed roll crushers can be used in industries which deal in cement or chemical or construction material manufacturing. The single and double Toothed Roll Crushers are used for crushing the materials of different sizes. The surface of these roll crushers is smooth and it has two rollers with teeth. As per the need of the material that needs to be crushed one can choose the fine or coarse teeth structured Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers.

The capacity of this machine is outstanding. The overload exerted on the sensors is prevented to a great extent by hydraulic coupling which has limited distance with the motor that connects it. These features make the machine more reliable and safe to be used. The energy consumption is also quiet low. The efficiency of the Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers is incomparable and one gets regular, fine granularity.

Process of machine used for crushing:

The material that needs to be crushed is put between the rollers of the Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers. After the machine is turned on, the material is crushed and comes out from the opening at the bottom of the machine. If the material to be crushed is quiet hard the rollers and the teeth will crush the material automatically through the hydraulic cylinder setting in the machine. Actually, the space between the rollers increase automatically when the hard material is fed into the machine. This space that is created in the springs protects the machine from any damage that may be caused with the hardness of the material.

The way the space between the rollers gets changed in the Crushers, it makes it possible for maximum sized particle to come out from the machine without much trouble to the Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers.


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