Monday 29 April 2013

For many special variety of glass, totally different execution in style, for example, totally different impact bars and therefore the fitting in of grills, were developed. Therefore, the ultimate crushing of laminated and wired glass likewise as of textile glass and insulator is additionally attainable. The cullet crusher has been a vicinity of the trendy equipments that plays an important role in regard to the glass business. The crushers are planned for the aim of crushing glasses into cullet. This can be additional reused as raw materials within the method of glass melting. The cullet particle size may be a huge issue that determines the usage for numerous merchandise. This kind of crushers is classified into an intermediate section of fabric process.

Some advantages of cullet crusher:
  • appropriate for crushing every type of glass
  • Granulometry adjustable during a big selection
  • Low wear
  • System movability
  • straightforward exchange of hammers and impact bar
  • Low energy consumption, low maintenance
  • Low vibrations throughout operation, so no want for foundation
  • Safety options

Cullet crusher is obtainable in numerous sorts, every with its own options and price that meets the market expectations. Under it many crushers' falls, these are like roll crusher; it's been utilized within the creating of glass since a countless years with smart output. These crushers are economical and suited to dominant the particle size. Roll crushers facilitate within the generation of smallest fines. Jaw crusher, it offers the longest lifetime on the premise of cullet throughout that makes this crush a dependable one. High Speed impact crushers, it's suited to usages wherever the necessity for smaller cullet particle sizes are additional. These are supported a rotary drum with the support of abrasion resistant breakers additionally stated because the hammers. It consists of a solid casing, wear-resistant flying hammers product of electro-cast steel alloy and adjustable impact enclose resistant style. It is right for crushing every type of glass, as well as container/float/electronic glass etc.). In this strata, Ecoman manufacture these crushers and flip flow screen system, the cullet is currently employed in production rather than discarding them. This can be useful not solely in saving energy however additionally minimizing waste disposals and price of the raw materials.

Thursday 25 April 2013

The secret to gaining a competitive near today's marketplace is achieved by choosing a vibratory screen appropriate for the appliance. The flip flow screen is an efficient different to rigid screening systems for process materials with inherent glary characteristics and is ideally suited to efficient screening of dampish, sticky, fibrous, wet bulk materials with a high share of fines or close to size particles. Common applications embody glass, e-scrap, compost, construction and demolition fines, coal, automobile device residue similarly as an extended list of minerals and aggregates.

The technique is to maneuver solely the screen mat, that is delineate as an on the spot excited screen bottom. The mechanism consists of twofold locates of poignant fractious elements united to an internal edge system and an on the outside edge interchangeably also all severally to a drive consisting of beam fitted with peculiar postures. The alternated outlines excite the mat sanctioning the mat to get high energy and throw needed. The flip flow screen is all suited to the screening of many elements:

  • Coal/Lignite 
  • Coke Fines
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Limestone and different minerals
  • Compost,  Slag, cut material
  • Wood chips

The Flip flow Screening Machine produces, through a mechanism, a system of twofold management whereby a elevated increase of velocity is broadcasted to the panes of the Screen Mats of the classify of approximately 40 to 50g. The eccentric rotor mechanism generates an eternal and versatile movement of the elastic Screen Mats, with the panels instead stretched and relaxed.

The high acceleration utterly loosens up the damp sticky material mass, foremost to prompt stratification of the nourish material and high share of fines quickly move right down to the surface of the Screen adorn along with are screened out. The versatile screen deck are factory-made from polyurethane or Rubber having sq. or slotted aperture openings in varied sizes that area unit chosen relying upon material to be screened.

The vibrating screens manufacturers utilizes outsized parts and proprietary style options to scale back wear, minimize maintenance, and increase screening potency. Since a machine is just nearly as good because the components that link it along tend to encourage careful thought of the small print. And as a leading manufacturer, Ecoman offers a very new resolution for very difficult-to-screen materials with glorious screening potency in smaller aperture applications.

Monday 22 April 2013

Basics Of Cullet Crusher

Cullet Crusher has been a part of the modern equipments which plays a vital role in relation to the glass industry. The crushers are conceived for the purpose of crushing glasses into cullet. This is further reused as raw materials in the process of glass melting. The cullet particle size is a big factor which determines the usage for various products. By exploiting a crusher system, the cullet is now used in production instead of discarding them. This is helpful not only in saving energy but also minimizing waste disposals and cost of the raw materials. This type of crushers is categorized into an intermediate vicinity of material processing.

Key factors which one needs to consider before selecting a crusher with a particular design for such applications are:
  • Operating cost
  • Safety features
  • Power requirements
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Finished cullet quality and
  • System portability

Cullet crushers are available in various types, each with its own features and cost which meets the market expectations .Some of the crushers are:
  • Jaw crusher: This type of crushers offers the longest life expectancy on the basis of cullet throughout which makes this crush a dependable one.
  • Roll crusher: The crushers have been utilized in the making of glass since many years with good output. These crushers are economical and suited for controlling the particle size. Roll crushers help in the generation of minimal fines.
  • High Speed impact crushers: The crushers are suited for usages where the requirement for smaller cullet particle sizes are more. These are based on a rotary drum with the support of abrasion resistant breakers also referred to as the hammers. The crushers require high maintenance as the use of high velocity witnesses the maximum degree of abrasion.

Cullet generation is low when the quality of glass is high. Nevertheless some cullet are generated during the manufacturing process with the assistance of certain procedures along with efficient handling which helps to maintain the operation cost to a minimum. In order to assure the uniformity of the cullet, the input material is crushed and depending on the specifications and requirements the output is produced with the help of Flip Flow Screen.

Monday 15 April 2013

Flip Flow screen have achieved a significant place in today's competitive market. This has been possible due to the modular structure and the ability to efficiently screen moist, fibrous and sticky materials. The operation of such screens require large amounts of energy which is useful in the sizing or sorting of fine cut materials and minute items having high moisture content. In technical terms the kinetic energy generated during the impact of the throw provides the necessary energy. This sort of screen has been engineered with the user applications being kept in mind. This has assisted in many industrial applications where the separation process of raw materials is of utmost importance.

The Flip Flow screen being durable and reliable in terms of performances assures of a longer functional life. The wave motion as part of the design prevents any sort of obstruction or blocking and hence the materials which are moist in nature can easily be screened. The motion makes the material to fly up high which makes it to reverse the direction and in turn breaks up.

  •  Modular and compact in construction
  •  Less contamination as screen is non blinding
  •  Single or multi deck in operation
  •  To attain the desired product quality or properties options of infinite adjustment is available for vibrating parameters
  •  Dynamic wear resistance allows fast changeover along with efficient material flow
  •  Having self cleaning effect as a feature due to the design of high acceleration on the screen ensures low operating cost.

Applications of Flip Flow screen:
  •  Screen difficult, wet or sticky materials to countless variety of sizes.
  •  Eliminate rough or coarse fines from wood chips, wood flour, fine pulp, boiler fuel and sawdust.
  •  Utilized for screening of extreme materials that are used for screening includes waste slags, plastic chips, municipal solid wastes, organic food materials and food scraps, glass and recycled concrete.

A new blend of intense agitation, slight deformation of the screening mat and the accelerating forces have proved very effective in minimizing the problems related to bonding, winding and plugged holes. This has overcome the conventional process where the only solution to such problems was washing.

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Thursday 11 April 2013

The Role And Function Of A Cullet Crusher

A cullet crusher is a device that is utilized to crush glass into cullet that is further reused as raw materials in glass melting. The cullet crushers are exclusively designed for the diminution of the waste glass containers, the plate glasses as well as any other type of glass to a refined pulverized cullet. The series of cullet crushers has multiple advantages such as high producing capacity, high ratio of crushing, easy maintenance, easy operation, simple structure, light weight, small volume among others. These machines are suitable to crush every kind of material of medium hard, brittle and compressive strength. Cullet crusher machines have an overall design that possess an attractive appearance, less easily damaged parts, convenient maintenance and compact structure.

The use of the cullet machine represents an essential part of the glass manufacturer's ongoing challenge for cutting down the cost while at the same time making no compromise on the glass quality. Cullet crushers are just apt for crushing every type of glass including electronic glass, float glass, container to name a few. The crushed cullet can discharge easily into the containers for a hassle free transport. The size of the cullet particles is one amongst the most significant factors that helps in determining the usability of the cullet crusher for various products such as the blown glass. By possessing an appropriate system, the cullet that would have to be discarded otherwise can be utilized in production, thereby not only helping to save energy but helping in reducing the cost of raw material and waste disposal too.

Although cullet crushers are available in a plethora of types, some of the most commonly used includes High Speed Impact Crushers, Roll Crushers and Jaw Crushers. System portability, finished cullet quality, equipment maintenance, power requirements, safety features and operating cost are some of the key factors that customers must keep in mind while choosing a cullet crusher that best suits their requirements.

Salient Features of Cullet Crushers
  •     Metallic body with the inside cover made of antiwear steel plates
  •     Easy to operate, quiet and simple
  •     Crushing time- 1-2 seconds/bottle
  •     Handles spirit and wine bottles
  •     Works with 80 liters/20 gallon buckets
  •     Small footprint
  •     Low operating height
  •     Easy to remove

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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Grizzly Feeder are utilized for extensive selection of the applications like metering as well as transferring the material through hoppers, silos, bins, as well as storage piles for screens, crusher, belt conveyors, as well as protecting the other tools from the impact loads. Companies provide different kinds of Grizzly Feeder to meet different requirements. You can contact different companies for the recommendation regarding your exacting feeder applications.

Following is the short description of Grizzly Feeder line.

Grizzly Feeder India Selection

Two strides are needed in selecting appropriate feeder for the precise installation of Grizzly Feeder:
  • Having fundamental application details
  • Following the selection process

Details Needed for Grizzly Feeder:
  • Biggest size material with feed
  • Estimated analysis of the material size
  • Preferred capability
  • Kind and explanation of material
  • Kind of installation

Selection Procedure for Grizzly Feeder
  • Choose Grizzly Feeder India width factor suitable for the application. Increase the factor through size of biggest piece within feed to attain minimum width of feeder.
  • Verify minimum width resolute in the first step with the capability. Note necessary slope angle for producing desired capability. If required, raise the Grizzly Feeder India width for obtaining the desired capability. There can be quite a few combinations for width and slope that will generate the capability needed. Factors like headroom, unit cost, depth of the bed, width of the crusher or conveyor, as well as future capability requirements need to be measured before final selection.
  • The Grizzly Feeder India lengths must not be smaller than required to retain the material with its angle for repose on Grizzly Feeder India pan while feeder is closed. In addition, 6"-12" safety factors for preventing possibility for free flow. The feeder length has to be adequate to communicate the necessary distance.
  • Choose slope angle for best suited needed capability as well as length for retaining material angle for the repose of illustration B. The sketch drained for scale showing grade as well as material recline angles will help in showing association between the feeder length as well as slope.
  • While the four-sided hopper can be used, determine the smallest amount of hopper throat openings. Just multiply the biggest material lump through hopper throat factor for obtaining the figure.
  • Make concluding feeder selection. Frequently, over one size as well as kind of feeder may satisfy application necessities.
The closing selection may rely on different factors like:

  • The kind as well as size of the crusher whereas feeding in a straight line with crusher
  • Conveyor width while feeding line in the company of material travel
  • Size of the material handled as well as loading on the feeder
  • Hopper competence necessary with bigger feeder there will be additional hopper capability
  • Headroom existing with normally sloped feeder needs additional headroom
  • The grizzly length needed for removing the fines
  • Pricing as the lighter or smaller duty feeder can be less expensive
  • Future necessities as can a bigger conveyor as well as crusher become installed or can plant capability be enlarged?

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Sunday 7 April 2013

How The Flip Flow Screen India Work

The Flip Flow Screen consists of the cross beams that are automatically interconnected through each other. Some high-performance systems are linked between cross beams as well as vibrated screen box, creating a virtual movement, which result into continuous expansion as well as reduction of elastic screen mats as well as permit the special effect. To make sure continuous screening results with different loads a stroke is automatically kept stable through measuring comparative movement between screen frame as well as base body with consequential regulations of rotational speed through frequency converter.


The vibration secluded mountings via rubber springs having higher damping attribute are adjustable as well as allow adapting of falling incline, if required. A screen mat is screw less protected on cross beams. Its easy locking system helps a fast and simple change of screen mats. The Flip Flow Screen India produced from the higher quality stuff is nearly for all the applications accessible as well as compatible to the complete range. Consequently the applications in all the industry fields are promising. The Flip Flow Screen India is accessible as category SWES with disturbed JW shaft drive as well as SUES with the disturbed motor JV.

Application of Flip Flow Screen India
  • Highly accelerating values of the Flip Flow Screen India of equal to 50 g permit classifying of the goods that are complex for screen.
  • Quick and effortless replacement of the screen cloth
  • Automatic Stroke Stabilization
  • The working point that is relied on product attribute is easily adaptable

The Flip Flow Screen India utilizes the eccentric shaft for generating movement of major frames, within which are put in supple but sturdy mesh showing panels. This Flip Flow Screen India are constantly pulled taut as well as then are comfortable, causing material having screened to become vigorously stumbled as well as to "flip-flop" the way down screen towards outfaced end. The energetic screening technique drastically reduces the blockage of Flip Flow Screen India as well as makes that ideal while size of screen hole is extremely small or material is mostly sticky or damp or where the other less dynamic methods for screening are not been flourishing.

Features of Flip Flow Screen India
  • No blockage for the Flip Flow Screen India
  • 3-phases screening motion of high efficiency as well as excellent separation
  • Short dynamic loading
  • Simple and sturdy design, secure and highly competent
  • Low maintenance


Wood chips, compost, sand, varied construction waste, coke fines, gravel, coal, slag, and a lot of others.

The secret for gaining the competitive edge with today's market may be achieved through selecting the shaking screen appropriate for application. The screen is very effective option for inflexible screening systems of processing the materials with intrinsic blinding characteristics as well as is preferably suited for the resourceful screening of sticky, moist, fibrous; bulk materials having higher fine percentages or size particles. Frequent applications incorporate glass, compost, e-scrap, demolition and construction fines, coal, and long list for minerals as well as aggregates.

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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Hammer Mills: A New Perspective

Hammer mills are machines that are used for crushing or shredding materials to smaller pieces. It finds its application in several industries and of late often plays a significant role in the production facilities. It basic design involves a rotating shaft having free-swinging hammers attached to it. These are made by using latest technology and have become a favourite among customers for their striking features including single operation for blending and grinding, low power consumption, low maintenance and dust free operation. It is mainly made up of bearing stands, screen frame, screen films and a fixed blade. It helps in grinding materials via the impact force of the hard things. These hammer mills aids in increasing the output by a massive quantity thereby helping to save more energy and time.

Typical applications
  • Rubber, plastic and chemical product size reduction
  • Cord or rubber fibre separation
  • Grain processing
  • Shredding newspaper
  • Pulverizing toner materials
  • Destruction of the reject ammunition shells
  • Soft and hard wood scrap processing
  • Recycling of the high impact housings

Advantages of using a hammer mill

The advantages of using a hammer mill are manifold. Some of these include:
  • Simple structure
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • High production capacity
  • Even granularity of the product
  • Big crushing ratio
  • Small size
  • Less electricity power consumption
  • Efficient grinding at shortest time, thereby saving time and human labour
  • Requires very less maintenance
  • Available in varied sizes and capacities

Key features of hammer mills:-
  • Reliable and unique design
  • Nonstop pulverizing process
  • Compact size
  • Apt for dry crushing
  • Dust free operation
  • Fully machined and hardened shelving type blades resulting in less wear and tear
  • Increased production resulting in faster returns on investments
  • Each rotating part is balanced for reducing noise and friction losses


A hammer mill is available in assorted styles. The two most common ones include;

1)Pneumatic Discharge Hammer Mill: its grinding machinery is akin to that of gravity discharge. Nonetheless, this kind of hammer mill utilizes thinner hammer and interior walls to grind the chamber attribute the ribbed liner platters. Its ideal application includes meat meal, bone, green wood, carpet, paper, biomass, hogged wood scrap, and wood chips.

2)Horizontal in feed Hammer Mill: one of the most striking qualities of these hammer mills is that here the material is passed into its side instead of at the top. Based on its design it is just ideal for linear, long and trim scarp grinders. It is also apt for big geometric materials to be processed without the help of the pre-grind. It comprises of trims scarp grinders and pallet grinders. It's ideal application includes whole pallets, 2x4s, pallet scarp, trim scarp, and truss plant scarp.

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