Thursday 28 April 2016

Enhance Your Skills About Impact Crushers

The "impact" term explains that in vertical shaft impact crusher, some impaction is applied to crush the rocks into fine particles. A general crusher creates pressure to crush the rocks. However, in impact crusher model, impact method is employed.

A hopper at one side takes the feed material inside the crushing equipment. All material is feed only through the cage that has an opening on the bottom, end, and on the side. These openings help in fetching the pulverized material from the impact crushing equipment.

Generally these crushing machines are used to pulverize materials that are not harder. These materials are soft and non-abrasive.

For instance, limestone, gypsum, coal, seeds, etc. are ideal feed materials for crushing machines.

Benefits Of Using Impact Crusher

  • Impact crusher employs a blow bar that contains very high chrome
  • Impact crusher makes the crushing material flow chart very simple.
  • Impact crusher are efficient in crushing hard rocks
  • Impact crusher involves easy hydraulic operation

Different Types Of Impact Crushers Available Today-

  1. Horizontal shaft impactor
  2. Vertical shaft impactor  

Horizontal impact crusher design has hammers that are fixed to the spinning rotor. These hammers are used for breaking the harder materials such as rocks. In general, industries use these machines to crush soft materials and other stuff like gypsum, limestone, phosphate, and weathered shales.

Vertical shaft impactor is completely different from horizontal model. It includes high speed rotor with wearing resistant tips. The crushing chamber is intended in such a way that it throws the rocks against the high crushing chamber. In this type of impactor, predominant force is the speed rotor's velocity.

Vertical shaft impact crushers are useful as these machines result in more cubical and even shapes particles. It happens due to the use of velocity force applied evenly to the mass and surface of the rock.

For more info, you can browse articles online and get latest updates about crushers and pulverizing machines.