Monday 12 May 2014

Gypsum is one of the most useful materials that are available in the processed form. It is an essential when we are talking about building materials. In general language it is known as the plaster of paris. Its main use is for plastering the walls. Also, it is widely used in making decorative texture in the buildings. But for the purpose of building very high quality of gypsum and that is finely crushed is used. For this one would need to grind it and here one would need the gypsum puzzolana crusher.

What is the use of Gypsum Puzzolana Crusher?

Gypsum puzzolana crusher is used for crushing the large size gypsum ore and getting small size particles. This machine is available in a number of sizes and the ones that fixed and also the ones that mobile. The quality of the work that these machines deliver is very high, but if one talks about the cost of the Gypsum Puzzolana Crusher, it is not as high as one thinks. 

Wednesday 7 May 2014

One of the most widely used traditional equipments for crushing is the roller crusher. One can find single and double Toothed Roll Crushers with Ecoman India. The Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers are used for the processing purpose. One can process particles of various kinds of materials with these crushers. In order to get materials crushed the rollers that are cylindrical rotate in the opposite sides. The structure of the equipment has very unusual tooth and this is why they are called the Single and double Toothed Roll Crushers.