Monday 22 April 2013

Basics Of Cullet Crusher

Cullet Crusher has been a part of the modern equipments which plays a vital role in relation to the glass industry. The crushers are conceived for the purpose of crushing glasses into cullet. This is further reused as raw materials in the process of glass melting. The cullet particle size is a big factor which determines the usage for various products. By exploiting a crusher system, the cullet is now used in production instead of discarding them. This is helpful not only in saving energy but also minimizing waste disposals and cost of the raw materials. This type of crushers is categorized into an intermediate vicinity of material processing.

Key factors which one needs to consider before selecting a crusher with a particular design for such applications are:
  • Operating cost
  • Safety features
  • Power requirements
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Finished cullet quality and
  • System portability

Cullet crushers are available in various types, each with its own features and cost which meets the market expectations .Some of the crushers are:
  • Jaw crusher: This type of crushers offers the longest life expectancy on the basis of cullet throughout which makes this crush a dependable one.
  • Roll crusher: The crushers have been utilized in the making of glass since many years with good output. These crushers are economical and suited for controlling the particle size. Roll crushers help in the generation of minimal fines.
  • High Speed impact crushers: The crushers are suited for usages where the requirement for smaller cullet particle sizes are more. These are based on a rotary drum with the support of abrasion resistant breakers also referred to as the hammers. The crushers require high maintenance as the use of high velocity witnesses the maximum degree of abrasion.

Cullet generation is low when the quality of glass is high. Nevertheless some cullet are generated during the manufacturing process with the assistance of certain procedures along with efficient handling which helps to maintain the operation cost to a minimum. In order to assure the uniformity of the cullet, the input material is crushed and depending on the specifications and requirements the output is produced with the help of Flip Flow Screen.


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