Monday 15 April 2013

Flip Flow screen have achieved a significant place in today's competitive market. This has been possible due to the modular structure and the ability to efficiently screen moist, fibrous and sticky materials. The operation of such screens require large amounts of energy which is useful in the sizing or sorting of fine cut materials and minute items having high moisture content. In technical terms the kinetic energy generated during the impact of the throw provides the necessary energy. This sort of screen has been engineered with the user applications being kept in mind. This has assisted in many industrial applications where the separation process of raw materials is of utmost importance.

The Flip Flow screen being durable and reliable in terms of performances assures of a longer functional life. The wave motion as part of the design prevents any sort of obstruction or blocking and hence the materials which are moist in nature can easily be screened. The motion makes the material to fly up high which makes it to reverse the direction and in turn breaks up.

  •  Modular and compact in construction
  •  Less contamination as screen is non blinding
  •  Single or multi deck in operation
  •  To attain the desired product quality or properties options of infinite adjustment is available for vibrating parameters
  •  Dynamic wear resistance allows fast changeover along with efficient material flow
  •  Having self cleaning effect as a feature due to the design of high acceleration on the screen ensures low operating cost.

Applications of Flip Flow screen:
  •  Screen difficult, wet or sticky materials to countless variety of sizes.
  •  Eliminate rough or coarse fines from wood chips, wood flour, fine pulp, boiler fuel and sawdust.
  •  Utilized for screening of extreme materials that are used for screening includes waste slags, plastic chips, municipal solid wastes, organic food materials and food scraps, glass and recycled concrete.

A new blend of intense agitation, slight deformation of the screening mat and the accelerating forces have proved very effective in minimizing the problems related to bonding, winding and plugged holes. This has overcome the conventional process where the only solution to such problems was washing.

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