Thursday 11 April 2013

The Role And Function Of A Cullet Crusher

A cullet crusher is a device that is utilized to crush glass into cullet that is further reused as raw materials in glass melting. The cullet crushers are exclusively designed for the diminution of the waste glass containers, the plate glasses as well as any other type of glass to a refined pulverized cullet. The series of cullet crushers has multiple advantages such as high producing capacity, high ratio of crushing, easy maintenance, easy operation, simple structure, light weight, small volume among others. These machines are suitable to crush every kind of material of medium hard, brittle and compressive strength. Cullet crusher machines have an overall design that possess an attractive appearance, less easily damaged parts, convenient maintenance and compact structure.

The use of the cullet machine represents an essential part of the glass manufacturer's ongoing challenge for cutting down the cost while at the same time making no compromise on the glass quality. Cullet crushers are just apt for crushing every type of glass including electronic glass, float glass, container to name a few. The crushed cullet can discharge easily into the containers for a hassle free transport. The size of the cullet particles is one amongst the most significant factors that helps in determining the usability of the cullet crusher for various products such as the blown glass. By possessing an appropriate system, the cullet that would have to be discarded otherwise can be utilized in production, thereby not only helping to save energy but helping in reducing the cost of raw material and waste disposal too.

Although cullet crushers are available in a plethora of types, some of the most commonly used includes High Speed Impact Crushers, Roll Crushers and Jaw Crushers. System portability, finished cullet quality, equipment maintenance, power requirements, safety features and operating cost are some of the key factors that customers must keep in mind while choosing a cullet crusher that best suits their requirements.

Salient Features of Cullet Crushers
  •     Metallic body with the inside cover made of antiwear steel plates
  •     Easy to operate, quiet and simple
  •     Crushing time- 1-2 seconds/bottle
  •     Handles spirit and wine bottles
  •     Works with 80 liters/20 gallon buckets
  •     Small footprint
  •     Low operating height
  •     Easy to remove

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